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Easily Replace Bathroom Tiles. Easy as 1....2....3!

**Tools required: Grout removal tool, Hammer, Vacuum, Tape Measure,Trowel,Sponge.**

Want to replace your tiles in your bathroom? I know what your thinking. It's not as hard as you think it is. I will give you guys steps you can follow and you can replace your own tiles in your bathroom. Doesn't matter if it's the tiles in your shower, or the towers on the floor. It's all very similar. Let's start with step #1!

STEP 1: Remove grout from between the tile and floor. Be sure to dig in there real good. You may need a hammer to get further between the grout and the floor.

STEP 2: Lift up the tile from the grout and floor. Again, use a hammer if necessary.

STEP 3: Remove the adhesive that may be left with a metal scraper. You can also you the hammer and chisel to remove the adhesive.

STEP 4: Vacuum up and dust or debris. Make sure the area is clean.

STEP 5: Measure your bathroom and find out exactly how many times you will need.

STEP 6: Apply thin-set to 3-4 square foot area where you are placing the new tile.

STEP 7: Push the tile into place on the thin-set. If tile is not going into place, tap it with a rubber mallet. This should help it settle much easier.

STEP 8: If using spacers, install them between each tile..

STEP 9: Spread grout over the spaces between the tiles. If you used spacers, let everything sit for 24 hours before removing the spacers.

STEP 10: When done Drying, and the spacers are removed, Use a sponge to wipe away any dust. This will make the tiles look brand new once again.

THATS IT! You just completed your first tile project.


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